The Hour Glass Community News

Welcome to The Hour Glass Restaurant's Community News Page, where we spill the beans (and sometimes the soup) on the latest happenings in our gastronomic wonderland!

Brace yourselves, brave souls, for The Hour Glass Restaurant proudly presents the epic gastronomic gauntlet – "Tame the Beast!" Picture a colossal 450g burger, topped with a medley of mouthwatering eats, and a milkshake that defies the laws of deliciousness. Do you have what it takes to conquer this culinary behemoth in 30 minutes or less? Join the ranks of the legendary contenders who dare to face the ultimate foodie challenge! The clock is ticking, the sizzle is calling, and the milkshake is beckoning. Will you emerge victorious and earn a spot in the Hall of Fame, or will the "Beast" claim yet another valiant challenger for our Wall of Shame? The stage is set, the grills are fired up, and the laughter is ready to roll. May the forks be with you!

See you at the "Tame the Beast" competition on the 20th of January 2024 at noon. 3A St Helier Road, Widenham, Umkomaas.

A big thank you to all of our guests who participated.  You are the best.